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New Arrivals - International Stock

We have received a large range of new arrivals here at Games Paradise. Some of this stock dates back to February and it's all arrived at once. We won't be able to feature every game here, but we will attempt to highlight some of the more exciting titles for you.

Many of these are limited stock items. If there is an item you are after, we can arrange for same day holding or for payment over the phone. We will hold your item then until you pick it up. You can contact our staff on (02) 9267-2069.

Board Games



Bushido is a game of dueling martial artists, testing their training against one another. One shall prevail and prove their techniques superior. The other will return to studying until they are strong enough to win.

Players begin with a card draft which represent the training of their fighters.

After training players play a series of round wherein they play technique cards from their hands, or change their guards, in order to create a pool of combat dice which they hope to use to strike their opponent or defend their attacks.

In this game damage escalates quickly so players must be able to block, evade, and strike simultaneously to try and keep the momentum of the encounter in their favor.

The game ends when one warrior has bested the other.


Zoned Out

In Zoned Out, you take on the role of a developer trying to build a thriving metropolis from the ground up. To win, players will need to use the right combination of residential, commercial and industrial development as well as downtown construction to gain the most points.

On their turn, a player selects one of the square city cards from their hand and adds it to the city, overlapping at least one existing square. They must then move their planner to one of the four squares of the new card. If they left the zone they were previously in, they will score points for the size of that zone with additional bonuses for connected parks and mansions and penalties for connected parking lots and abandoned houses. Zoning out also helps build one of the city's four downtown towers, which award points at the end of the game based on who contributed to each of them the most.

Mastering Zoned Out takes good timing and clever card placement. In the game's advanced mode, players will also be competing to earn points from a variety of public and private objectives for the city.


Trogdor! the Board Game

In Trogdor!: The Board Game, you and up to five friends — or maybe people you just paid to come over — take on the roles of these acolytes of the Burninator, each with their own unique abilities and magical items. Take turns guiding Trogdor on his destructive lost weekend around Peasantry. Help him avoid pesky knights and archers, devour peasants, burninate the countryside, and, of course, the thatched roof COTTAGES!!



Can you trust your eyes? How much color do you really see? These questions are what drive gameplay in Illusion, with rules that allow for gameplay to start immediately. Who has the right perspective not to be fooled?


Barker's Row

Barker's Row is a 2-4 player game in which you are a carnival barker trying to fill your 3D chipboard seats with "rube" meeples by playing the most fantastic attractions.

You draft these barker cards from a community pool and play them into the midway. Then you use those cards to play one of fifty or so attractions that will amaze and delight the rube meeples in your seats while giving you a special power to use later in the game. Stay tuned for some drafts of these attractions, such as Lobster Boy, Goose-Necked Girl, and the Fiji Mermaid. Each time you play an attraction, you climb higher on the strongman tower, making the next one harder to play, serving as an elegant and thematic catch-up mechanism. The player to first fill all their seats wins!


The Fox in the Forest: Duet

In the two-player, co-operative trick-taking game The Fox in the Forest Duet, players team up, helping each other move through the forest. Collect all the gems before the end of three rounds of play, and you win!

To set up the game, place gem tokens on the designated spaces of the game board and the team tracker token in the center of the movement path. At the start of each round, shuffle the deck of thirty cards — which contains three suits, each numbered 1-10 — and deal each player a hand of eleven cards. Reveal one card as the "decree" card to determine the trump suit. For each trick, one player leads a card, and the other must follow suit, if possible. The winner of the trick moves the team tracker toward them a number of spaces equal to the number of fox footprints on the cards played. If the tracker lands on a space next to a gem, the players collect one gem. If the tracker would move off the end of the path, return the tracker to the center of the path, then add a forest token to one end of the path, reducing the number of spaces upon which you can move (with you sliding gems next to this covered space next to the new end of the path).


Orleans Stories

Orléans Stories is based on the bag-building mechanism known fromOrléans, with this mechanisms having been further developed into a storytelling experience in which players go through different eras and face different challenges. Broadly speaking, instead of focusing on the city of Orléans and trade with the surrounding villages, player are now settling the Loire Valley. Players must farm and produce, found villages, and build fortresses and churches. They will experience times of prosperity and success, but also times of deprivation; they must defy hunger and plague, fight for their land, and perhaps conquer foreign lands to secure the lives of their settlers. In the end, however, there is peace and the joint administration of territories and villages.



You are a dairyman, milking fresh milk everyday, working hard to fulfill the orders given by the farm owner. But be aware! If your milk spoils an entire day's work will go down the drain! Or maybe you can turn milk into cheese or ice cream products, increasing their value and prevent them from spoiling! Can you become the best dairyman of the farm?

In clockwise order, players take turns to roll all dice, and must lock one set of dice that have a sum of exactly 10. They may repeat this process until they want to pass. They may then trade their dice of 10s for milk tile(s) of equal value. If they fail to roll a sum of 10, their turn ends immediately and they will get a snow token as a compensation, which may be used to flip the milk tiles later in the game to earn extra points or gain special abilities. When the stack of milk tiles is depleted, the player with the most points on their milk tiles wins the game.


Okey Dokey

In the cooperative card game Okey Dokey, the players work as a team to put on a music festival including several different performers. You need to be able to place all fifty of the cards in the game within ten columns, but players' hands are kept secret from one another and only slight suggestions can be made.


Roland Write: the Dice Game

As Roland Wright, you play as a game designer obsessed with creating the perfect dice game. Pack as much inspiration and game hallmarks into the box as possible, while using equipment to speed up the design process. Be efficient in order to make the Game of the Year Awards submission deadline!

Players fill in their own grid of 6x6 dots with color “bits” to complete patterns, achieve awards, and use (erase) to perform actions. Each turn, the Active Player rolls 6 dice with color “bits” on them. Next, the Active Player groups the dice by color, removes a group, and fills in bits of that color on their grid. The other players fill in bits based on any remaining color group. Finally, all players may perform 1 action by erasing its corresponding color bit. When any player fills their grid, the game ends on the next turn. The player with the most points wins!

Developed over 2 years by the team that created Pack O Game, Roland Wright: The Dice Game kicks off a series of genre-redefining ‘Roll & Write’ games.


Board Game Restocks

  • Antidote

  • At the Gates of Loyang

  • Black Orchestra

  • Brass: Lancashire

  • Carson City: The Card Game

  • Carthago: Merchants & Guilds

  • Charterstone

  • Clank in Space

  • Copenhagen: Roll & Write

  • Detective

  • Dice throne: Tactician vs Huntress

  • Eminent Domain

  • Epic Spell Wars

  • Escape from the Hiddne Castle

  • Everdell: Pearlbrook Expansion

  • Ghost Blitz 5 - 12

  • Gold West

  • Good Cop, Bad Cop

  • Istanbul

  • Jetpack Joyride

  • Lovelace & Babbage

  • Mental Blocks

  • Mottainai

  • Mottainai: Wutai Mountain

  • New Salem 2e

  • Nimble

  • One Deck Dungeon

  • Paranormal Detectives

  • Race for the Galaxy

  • Red Dragon Inn & Exps

  • Red7

  • Rick & Morty: Look Who's Purging Now

  • Rick & Morty: Total Rickall

  • Robinson Crusoe 2e

  • Root: Riverfolk

  • Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little DBG

  • Scythe Exps

  • Sentinels of the Multiverse

  • Smash Up

  • The Climbers

  • Tichu

  • Tides of Time

  • Tiny Epic Galaxies

  • Tiny Epic Mechs

  • Tiny Epic Quest

  • Tiny Epic Tactics

  • Tiny Towns

  • Trajan

  • Tripods & Triplanes

  • Tsuro of the Seas

  • War Chest

  • Whistle Stop

  • Whistle Stop: Rocky Mountains

  • Yinsh

  • Yokohama

Roleplaying Games


Geist: the Sin-eaters 2e

You are dead. You shuffled off this mortal coil, passed away, bought the farm, or any of a thousand other quaint metaphors we use to avoid staring into the face of our own mortality.

You are not dead. Something else was more important--you didn't have time to lie quiet in your grave, you had things that needed doing. And on the cusp of dissolution, at the crossroads of this world and the next, you met something that felt the same way.

Now you walk the world with living flesh and dead eyes, eyes that can't help but see the plight of the forgotten shades that huddle just beyond the light. Stalked by Reapers, devoured whole by the eaters of the dead, summoned and bound by necromancers, they are your people, and they are suffering. Pulled between your own Burden, the half-remembered humanity of the monstrous ghost to whom you are Bound, and the cosmic injustice of the Underworld, where do you stand?


Chicago by Night

Accept no substitutes: Chicago is the city of vampires.

Claim a haven on the Gold Coast. Carve out a place of this bustling metropolis for yourself.

Subjugate a handful of the living on Michigan Avenue. Take a few deep drinks from some of the intoxicating vessels we have around here.

Discover the nightlife. Come visit the Succubus Club, the Blue Velvet, or Red No. 5, if they'll let you in. The guest list is pretty damn exclusive.

Introduce yourself to the Ventrue Prince. Get to know his vision. Buy into it. Serve it. Stay on his good side and your immortality is going to be just fine.

Just ignore the purges of Anarchs, Thin-Bloods, and fledglings when it grows inconvenient, yeah? Stay invested in the Camarilla and the Camarilla will stay invested in you. Remember who's got your back and who can take that backing away in the blink of an undead eye.

Don't go digging into business that doesn't concern you.

Don't go wandering into territory you don't know, because someone will claim your skull as a trophy.

Don't screw with another Kindred's kine, or you'll find your own murdered and dropped in a dumpster, and that'll just be the start of your problems.

Chicago can be everything for a vampire like you.

You just have to accept Chicago into your heart. Become a part of the city.



For the average person, life is brutally hard. There is drudgery and filth and endless streams of meaningless, menial work. And then there is the Aetherium. More than a virtual reprieve from the urbanized nightmare of the 23rd century, the Aetheriumis a digital landscape of countless dimensional frontiers, a virtual reality so vivid as to be indistinguishable from reality itself. The Aetherium, then, is the essential human commodity. Uncountable billions plug themselves in every single day to live dynamic dreams of a better existence.


vs the Wasteland

vs. the Wasteland is a roleplaying game in which players struggle to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Whether the end of the world came from an atomic war, an extinction level event, or a global pandemic; it doesn’t really matter. Now, your Survivors live in the ruins of society. Survivors fight for their food and their safety. They fight to continue surviving, in the best ways they can in this desolate world. The fate of the Wasteland is in their hands.


After the War

After the War is a science-fiction roleplaying game of memetic horror, community, trauma, and healing, where players learn how to lead with compassion. Ten years after the galactic war, millions of survivors try to rebuild on the frontier world of Polvo. They seek to guard their new homes from internal strife and the psychic fallout from the war.


Free from the Yoke

You’ve won your revolution. What will you do with freedom?

After occupation and revolution, your nation is finally free. Now you need to decide what happens next. Will you work with your fellow citizens to build a glorious new land, or forge your own path?

Key features:

Lead your House to glory, wealth and power.

Explore a world drawing on Slavic fantasy, and make it your own.

Wield the magic of your ancestors, and strike bargains with the land and its spirits for new powers.

Manipulate your nation’s ruler to suit your agenda, undermine them, or rise up to claim their throne.

Tell a story of rebuilding and rediscovery spanning seasons and ages.

Free From the Yoke is a standalone roleplaying game, based on Legacy: Life Among the Ruins 2nd Edition and Apocalypse World.



We have received a limited range of RPG restocks, which we know a number of you have been keen and asking about.

  • Blades in the Dark

  • Changeling: the Lost 2e

  • Dungeon World

  • Fate Core

  • Fear Agent

  • Kobold Guide to Gamemastering

  • Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding

  • Kobold Guild to Board Game Design

  • Monster of the Week

  • Pathfinder 2e: Lost Omens Character Guide

  • Pathfinder: Age of Ashes Pawns

  • Pathfinder: Chase Card Decks

  • Savage Worlds: Essential Boxed Set

  • Shadowrun: 30 Nights

  • Starfinder: Alien Archive 3 Pawn Box

  • Starfinder: Armory

  • Tiny Dungeon 2e


Military Simulations

And finally, we were also able to receive some limited restocks of GMT milsims.

  • Combat Commander: New Guinea

  • The Hunters: German U-Boats at War

  • Next War: Supplement 2

  • Silent Victory

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