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2021 End of Financial Year Sale

The end of the Financial Year is here and Games Paradise is setting up it's EOFY sale. Storewide 10% off & 15% off for members.*

Thursday 24th June to Wednesday 30th June


Further Reductions

The following items will be 20% off for the duration of the sale:

  • Standard Jigsaws

  • Chessex 12mm & 16mm d6 Dice Sets

  • Non-mainline Munchkin

polyhedral dice sets are subject to the standard discount



A large range of old stock has been reduced to clear - 40-70% off, old clearance items are reduced to 90%



  • CCGs (Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, and Digimon)

  • Dungeons & Dragons

  • Barrage

  • Bloodborne the Board Game

  • Catan base game

  • Cortex Prime RPG

  • Dominant Species: Marine

  • Doodle Dungeon

  • Gloomhaven Base

  • Happy Little Dinosaurs

  • Iwari

  • Kemet: Blood and Sands

  • Lex Arcana RPG

  • Nemesis

  • Overboss

  • Red Rising

  • Scythe base game

  • Sherlock 13

  • Vaesen RPG

  • Villainous game line

  • Viticulture base game

  • Zombie Teenz Evolution

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We're Back The Store has reopened after the lockdown, we have done some refurbishments and happy to say we're open again to the public. Please call or Visit us at the shop for your gaming needs. Games


Jul 04, 2021

Hi Team,

Lockdown has been a real drag - happening during your EOFY sale! Would you be willing to extend or advise an EOFY discount code for sales online?

Jul 05, 2021
Replying to

Hi there,

At the moment we are not going to extend the sale, as that was meant to be a finish for the Financial Year. We will probably do a promotion in the future once the lockdown is over though.

Also, we don't have an online store, you'd need to check with Games Paradise Online for any promotions they are holding as they're separate to us.

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