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Lockdown - Week 2

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

During the lockdown, Games Paradise Pitt Street will be trading with reduced hours. These are in effect from the 27th of June to the end of lockdown.

Monday: 1pm - 5pm Tuesday: 1pm - 5pm Wednesday: 1pm - 5pm Thursday: 12pm - 6pm Friday: 12pm - 6pm Saturday: 12pm - 6pm Sunday: 12pm - 4pm

While in lockdown, if you do visit the store, you are required to wear a mask and check in upon entry. If you are not wanting to visit the store in person, you can phone our store during business hours to arrange a purchase. We can either arrange for shipping for an additional fee, or hold onto the purchase until you are able to claim it.

(02) 9267 2069 You can also email us your enquiry if it is outside business hours:

Please note, that we are a separate business from Games Paradise Online. Purchases made through their website is not the same as purchasing from the Pitt Street Store and vice versa.

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