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The Crew has Landed

The Kennerspiel 2020 winner has arrived. We now have The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine has arrived along with a range of other new arrivals.


The Crew

Winner of the 2020 Kennerpiel des Jahres.

In the co-operative trick-taking game The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine, the players set out as astronauts on an uncertain space adventure. What about the rumors about the unknown planet about? The eventful journey through space extends over 50 exciting missions. But this game can only be defeated by meeting common individual tasks of each player. In order to meet the varied challenges, communication is essential in the team. But this is more difficult than expected in space.

With each mission, the game becomes more difficult. After each mission, the game can be paused and continued later. During each mission, it is not the amount of tricks, but the right tricks at the right time that count.'


Caylus 1303

A classic game is back! As one of the first worker placement games, Caylus stands among the true board game classics of the 2000s. The original designers' team, together with the Space Cowboys, have now created a revamped version!

The mechanisms of Caylus 1303 have been streamlined and modernized for an intense and shorter game. Don't be fooled, though, as the game has kept both its depth and ease of play while a lot of new features have been added:

Variability of the starting position for a virtual infinity of possibilities. No more pre-set strategies! Characters with special abilities, with a wavering loyalty, offer their services to the players. And of course, brand new graphics!

The King calls you again, so it's time to go back to Caylus!


Cthulhu: Death May Die Season 2

The Season 2 expansion brings a lot of content to expand your experience with Death May Die. From a whole roster of unique Investigators, to 6 brand new Episodes, introducing all manner of new rules and elements to the game, utilizing a new set of game tiles, and pitting a host of terrifying new monsters in all shapes and sizes against the players!



We have also received restocks of a lot of games that have been missing for a while.

  • Blood Rage

  • Citadels Classic

  • Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Alliance

  • Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Conflict

  • Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Dominion

  • Cosmic Encounter: Cosmic Incursion

  • Fantasy Flight Standard Card Sleeves [63.5 x 88mm]

  • Modern Art (CMON edition)

  • Pandemic: On the Brink

  • Rising Sun: Kami Unbound

  • Sherlock Holmes: Jack the Ripper

  • Small World

  • Zombicide

  • Zombicide: Black Plague

  • Zombicide: Black Plague - Wulfsburg

  • Zombicide: Green Horde

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