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Recent Arrivals

The Initiative

The Initiative — a unique co-operative board game of story, strategy, and code-breaking — lets players take on the role of teenagers in 1994 who have found a mysterious board game called "The Key". Not only will they play The Key, but players will help the teens through a pivotal chapter of their lives by following a series of missions linked together via an interactive comic book.

The game's campaign is broken into a number of chapters, each taking 30-60 minutes to complete and each starting with you reading a page of the comic book. The story advances even if players fail a mission, but winning may provide a reward in the future. Each chapter builds on the knowledge and story from previous chapters, weaving narrative, code-breaking, and mystery into one thrilling game experience.


Red Rising

Enter the futuristic universe of Red Rising, based on the book series by Pierce Brown featuring a dystopian society divided into fourteen castes. You represent a house attempting to rise to power as you piece together an assortment of followers (represented by your hand of cards). Will you break the chains of the Society or embrace the dominance of the Golds?

Red Rising is a hand-management, combo-building game for 1-6 players (45-60 minute playing time). You start with a hand of 5 cards, and on your turn you will deploy 1 of those cards to a location on the board, activating that card’s deploy benefit. You will then gain the top card from another location (face up) or the deck (face down), gaining that locations benefit and adding the card to your hand as you enhance your end-game point total. If at any point you’re really happy with your hand, you can instead use your turn to reveal a card from the top of the deck and place it on a location to gain that location’s benefit.


The White Rabbit's Scavenger Hunt

Team up, then race to solve the riddles and find the hidden metal keys in this topsy-turvy scavenger hunt! From spoons, socks, and soap to teacups, taps, and tea towels, each of the thirty cryptic rhyming clues leads you to an item in the home where the next key is hidden. Who will find all their keys first?


Escape from the Starline Express

t's time to gather your guests for an evening of intrigue with this quick-thinking, quick-solving escape room game!

News of the theft of the world famous Black Widow diamond necklace has reached the public. The only suspects? Members of the notorious "Rag-Tag Crew", a gang of petty thugs who have taken the step into grand theft. Betty Willson, an ambitious young crime reporter, has unexpectedly become caught in the centre when she finds herself sharing a train carriage with six mysterious passengers, all members of the "Rag-Tag Crew".

Armed with the task of collecting the evidence needed to put the gang behind bars, it's a race against time for Betty to make her way through the train carriages. With the gang hot on her heels, will you be able to solve the puzzles and riddles along the way and find out what mysteries await her on this long, lonely stretch of track? All aboard!

Escape from the Starline Express is an escape room game designed for a group of 2–8 people.


Reflect Mirror Mazes

Can you focus your brain on quickly sending the right messages to your hands, or will you need more time for reflection as you race to complete the challenges?

Each player has a notepad of mazes and challenges. The mirror is placed between the two players and their hands are hidden from sight by the hand guards. Racing each other, and using only the view they can see in the mirror, each player has to draw the correct route through the maze to complete the challenge. Sounds simple … but remember, when following a mirror image, nothing is as it seems! Hours of fun for the whole family.


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