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Magic 2021 and Milsims Restock

We have a range of items that are due in by Friday afternoon. If you are a member and you'd like us to hold any of these items for you, please email us or give our store a call during business hours: (02) 9267 2096

Magic: the Gathering Core 2021

We had a delay but we will finally receive a quantity of Magic: the Gathering Core 2021 set. We will have the Core 2021 boosters, as well as a limited supply of the Core 2021 Collectors boosters and the 2020 Challenger Decks.

Military Simulations Restocks

There have been a large range of Military Sims that have been missing from our shelves of late. We have finally got these back into stock. We have arriving:

  • 1914 - Serbian muss Sterbien

  • A Distant Plain

  • Colonial Twilight

  • Combat Commander Europe

  • Combat Commander Fall of the West

  • Commands & Colors Napoleonics

  • Conquest of Paradise Deluxe

  • Cuba Libre

  • Enemy Coast Ahead: The Doolittle Raid

  • Falling Sky

  • Fields of Fire

  • Fields of Fire 2 With the Old Breed

  • Fort Sumter

  • Panzer Expansion 4 The German Invasion of France 1940

  • Paths of Glory Deluxe Edition

  • Sekighara

  • Silver Bayonet

  • SPQR Deluxe

  • U-Boot The Board Game

Fighting Fantasy Game Line

We have gotten in a selection of the Steve Jackson fighting Fantasy books, being the close cousin of the Choose Your Own Adventure Games.

Other Games back in Stock

  • Acquire

  • Battle Line

  • Brass Birmingham

  • Century: Spice Road

  • D&D Board Game - Castle Ravenloft

  • D&D Board Game - Wrath of Ashardalon

  • Gloomhaven

  • Imhotep

  • Stone Age: the Expansion

  • Talisman: the City

  • Talisman: the Dragon

  • Talisman: the Dungeon

  • Talisman: the Firelands

  • Talisman: the Frostmarch

  • Talisman: the Highland

  • Talisman: the Lost Realms

  • Talisman: the Reaper

  • Talisman: the Sacred Pool

  • Talisman: The Woodlands

  • The Mind Extreme

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