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Catan 25th edition delayed

The 28th of August (tomorrow) was meant to be the release of the Catan 25th Anniversary edition. Overnight, we were advised by Asmodee that this product has been delayed. Currently, we have a rough estimate of release for November 2020.

However, this is just a guestimate as Asmodee has not given us any actual timeline.

If this is your first time hearing about the 25th Anniversary edition, this will be a premium copy of the game. Its content will include the base game and the 5-6 player extension, as well as the Helpers of Catan scenario.

It promises premium components including, special iridescent anniversary wooden pieces and dice, resource card sorting trays, and card sleeves specifically for Catan. Assuming this edition uses the same card size as the regular game, this will be a good addition for those who like sleeves, as the Catan card size does not conform to any standard sleeve size.

At this point, we have no confirmation on whether this edition would be compatible with the standard expansions, but there are a couple of quiet indicators that suggest they should be. Specifically, there is no mention of tile or card upgrades, and both the Russian and Dutch editions contain the Seafarers expansion instead of 5-6 player extension. This suggests to us that this edition will bundle standard tile stock into these editions.

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