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Massive RPG & Strategy Influx

Unfortunately, this won't be able to be the long in-depth post that this amount of stock warrants. In the interests of brevity we will be highlighting new releases only. We have just received a gigantic shipment of RPG and other strategy games from the US. While these are mostly restocks there are a solid range of new releases found herein. What you will find below is not the complete list, but definitely a range of highlights.

RPG Stock

Items in bold are new

  • Adv in Middle Earth: Lonely Mountain Guide (5e)

  • Adv in Middle-Earth: Rivendell Region Gd. (5e)

  • Afterlife: Wandering Soul

  • Band of Blades

  • Berlin: the Wicked City

  • Blades in the Dark

  • Blue Rose

  • Blue Rose: City of Aldis

  • Blue Rose: Six of Swords

  • Burning Empires: Bloodstained Stars

  • Chill: Monsters

  • Chivalry & Sorcery (5e)

  • Cal of Cthulhu: Starter Sets

  • Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit

  • DCC: Lankhmar series

  • Familiars of Terra

  • FIASCO '10

  • FATE Core

  • For Coin & Blood

  • Kobold: Complete Guide to Game Design

  • Kobold: Guide to Board Game Design

  • Kobold: Guide to Combat

  • Masks: a New Generation

  • Mistborn: Allow of Law

  • Mistborn: Masks of the Past

  • Mugshots: Case of the Pacific Clipper

  • Mythic d6

  • Nibiru

  • OAR 3: Expedition o/t Barrier Peaks

  • Odyssey: Game Master's Guide to Campaign

  • Over the Edge: Welcome to the Island

  • Part-time Gods 2e

  • Phoenix: Dawn Command RPG

  • Scum & Villainy

  • Starfinder RPG Pact Worlds

  • Swords & Sorceries: The Song of the Sun Queens

  • Tales from the Loop

  • The Burning Wheel: Codex

  • The Excellents

  • The Expanse GM Kit

  • The Expanse: Abzu's Bounty

  • The Skeletons

  • The Tragedies of Middle School

  • The Warren

  • The Witcher RPG: Lords & Lands (GM Screen)

  • Traveller: Behind the Claw

  • Traveller: Companion

  • Traveller: Reach Adv 5: The Borderland Run

  • Unknown Armies: Reveal

  • Urban Shadows: Dark Streets

  • Usagi Yojimbo 2e

Strategy Games

Items in Bold are New

  • Cat Lady: Box of Treats

  • Chocolate Factory

  • Decision at Kasserine Designer (Sig ed.)

  • Dominion: Menagerie

  • Dr Who Core Rule Book

  • Edge of Humanity

  • Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms

  • Epic Spell Wars III: Murdershroom Marsh

  • Epic Spell Wars IV: Panic Pleasure Palace

  • Epic Spell Wars: Annihilageddon LK

  • Festival of a Thousand Cats

  • Fox in the Forest Duet

  • Freedom!

  • Irish Gauge

  • Lanterns Dice

  • Loot Island

  • Penny Press

  • Pipeline

  • Pocket Mars

  • Power Grid Recharged

  • Queenz

  • Railroad Revolution

  • Red Dragon Inn: Allies - Piper vs. Ripsnarl

  • Senet

  • Senshi

  • Solar Draft

  • The Climbers

  • Through the Ages: New Leaders & Wonders

  • Tiny Epic Defenders: The Dark War

  • Trajan

  • Truck Off

  • Villagers

  • Watergate

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